Dusty Roo maxing and relaxing.

My ‘13 Subaru Outback Special Appearance Package.

Went car shopping again, trying to decide if there IS something more than the RX…

Test drove these new beauties (and uglies)

Jeep Grand Cherokee - comfortable, fun to drive, price is reasonable, the pre-2010’s leave much to be desired

Mazda CX-5 - fun to drive, high end features at a low cost is nice, felt a little snug and the engine was a little put putty for my taste

Mazda CX-7 - OK, navi is WAY too small, thats it

Ford Edge, LOVE THE MASSIVE SUNROOF, very comfortable plus high end features at a decent price.

Hyundai Veloster - what can I say, I liked it enough to trade in our 2013 GS350

Hyundai Azera - decent price point, back seat is uncomfortable

Nissan Juke - Juke is a Joke (its small and expensive)

Nissan Rogue/Murano - They are essentially the same car with different price points, nothing to write home about

Nissan Extera - Not as nice as I remember

More to come…

Ended up with a Subaru Outback, and I’m in love with it.

What’s on the other side…serenity

My lazy ass dog. Ok so maybe she does resemble her owner.

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Frank Lloyd Wright


Frank Lloyd Wright

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Wright “Legacy Home” Open for Tour 

Cincinnati.com reports that a Frank Lloyd Wright “Legacy home” will be publicly open as part of the Clifton House Tour on May 13, 2012.

The home was built in 2003 as part of the controversial and now defunct “Legacy program” in which the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation would allow designs from the archives that never made it off the drawing boards to be posthumously built.

Read more about the tour and this interesting home design here.

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